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Armbrust American Combines Automation, Vertical Integration and Grit to Sell Masks for 5 cents


Armbrust American is selling its medical masks for 5 cents today, but it plans to bring prices down as production increases in its newly opened Austin, Texas-area manufacturing facility. In an effort to bring strategic manufacturing back to the U.S. and combat PPE shortages, Armbrust American recently announced the close of an initial $5 million investment round and the opening of its new facility.

In March, the Department of Health and Human Services estimated the United States has only 1% of the 3.5 billion masks needed to properly equip healthcare workers combatting COVID-19.

“In a uniquely political, American way, we weren’t prepared for this,” said Lloyd Armbrust, founder and CEO of Armbrust American. “But we don’t need a bailout. We don’t need other countries. We need the finest-quality products with the most effective materials, full supply chain control and no foreign dependence. We need Made-in-America, Made in Texas. And masks are just the beginning.”

Armbrust American’s factory is ramping up to produce 1.2 million masks per day, and the company said it has plans to scale production to billions annually, if needed. “Even more impressive, through a combination of automation, vertical integration and American grit, Armbrust American can offer these masks cheaper than Chinese suppliers, so that Americans don’t have to choose between Made-in-America quality and price,” the company said.