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RestartVT Action Team Developed Guidelines for Getting Back to Work


As more states begin to flatten the curve and reopen, the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development in April created a committee called the RestartVT Action Team. The committee is responsible for developing guidelines behind the opening of every business sector, including manufacturing, with the input of industry experts.  

Vermont is home to more than 1,200 manufacturing firms that account for more than 9 percent of the state’s GDP, according to Think Vermont. Manufactured goods exported by Vermont companies made up almost 71 percent or $2.69 billion in total value of all Vermont exports in 2017.

Deputy Secretary of the Agency for Commerce and Community Development told online news source VTDigger that it was helpful to speak with industry experts in areas like healthcare and personal services such as massage and hair care professionals. “People have to touch you to provide services; those are really complex things,” he said. “The idea is reaching out to those people, and asking for their feedback on how the sector should open.”

The job of the Restart Vermont group is to set the minimum standards by which people can go back to work, primarily based on safety practices that will keep workers and customers from being infected by COVID-19, according to VTDigger.

The Phased Restart Work Safe Guidance plan outlines the requirements for all businesses currently operating and those restarted. Manufacturers that ceased operations for more than seven days during the state of emergency are now able to restart with as few employees as necessary to resume full operations while maintaining compliance with the mandatory health and safety requirements.


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