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Manufacturers that Remain Agile will Thrive in the Future


Timberlane, an exterior window shutter manufacturer, quickly repurposed its facility to produce face and intubation shields.

The coronavirus pandemic brought to light two significant challenges in manufacturing: Complex global supply chains and sluggish procedures, according to Forbes. However, contributor Willem Sundblad said the ingenuity and leadership coming out of the manufacturing industry will result in a restructuring and simplification of complex supply chains.

“Now is the time for nimble manufacturing with a resilient domestic supply chain,” Sundblad wrote.

The column focused on Timberlane, an exterior window shutter manufacturer, that faced a 75 percent decrease in production when regulations and restrictions went into effect because of COVID-19. As a result, founder and CEO Rick Skidmore met with his executive leadership team and decided to pivot production to face and intubation shields.

Timberlane was able to quickly repurpose its 78,000-square-foot facility to produce the essential medical equipment safely and efficiently. It also resulted in the hiring of 250 new workers who had lost service industry jobs.

“Timberlane’s nimbleness and creativity meant the company could change direction with little time; it is an exemplar of the mindset manufacturers must have,” Sundblad said. “The company’s leaders were innovative and are now helping protect America’s essential workers and, at the same time, providing much-needed local jobs.”


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