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Industry Updates

American Innovation is at an All-Time High


The United States filed for more patents in 2019 than it ever has before, reaching 333,530 patents granted, which is a 15 percent increase from 2018, according to IFI Claims Patent Services. Samsung Electronics is the top U.S. patent recipient with 76,638 active patent families, with IBM at No. 2 with 37,304, Canon at No. 3 with 35,724, GE at No. 4 and Microsoft at No. 5. IBM has been the list’s leader for 27 years; it applied for 9,262 patents last year.

“We expected U.S. grants to increase this year after a rise in applications last year but a surge of this magnitude is unusual,” said Mike Baycroft, CEO, IFI Claims Patent Services.

In terms of patent growth, the fastest-growing technologies are in CRISPR technology (used to edit DNA), creating new hybrid plants, dashboards (mostly related to automobiles), 3-D printing and medicinal preparations (especially cancer therapies).

Kia Motors was the fastest mover in 2019, jumping 58 places on the list to No. 41. Other automakers in the top 50 include Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, GM and Honda. As a result, consumers are likely to see more connected apps in their cars, as well as infotainment systems, adaptive cruise control and more technologies.

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