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MoistTech Protects and Serves its Manufacturing Clients


MoistTech uses its 40 years of expertise to enhance clients’ processes and protect products.

MoistTech Corp. is a leading global manufacturer of moisture measurement sensors and equipment, first established in 2003 by Director John Fordham alongside two other fellow engineers. The company has its head office in Sarasota, Fla., which covers North and South America, but MoistTech also has other locations across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

MoistTech’s sensors feature unique technology that are able to calculate measurements through the near-infrared region (NIR) of the electromagnetic spectrum, to accurately measure and control moisture from lab to line. These advanced online sensors create a non-contact application that can process hundreds of measurements per second. The measurements result in thousands of varied applications, with MoistTech’s online sensors’ precision-motivated technology offering a no-drift optical design. The company’s innovative sensors are designed specifically to ensure accuracy and repeatability, and in addition, there is also no need to regulate temperature control, making for even better ease of use.

President Adrian Fordham recently spoke with Manufacturing Best Practices about the company’s successes and how it finds solutions to challenges.

Manufacturing Best Practices: To what do you attribute MoistTech’s success?

Adrian Fordham: Alongside aims to provide great customer service, MoistTech caters to a wide range of applications, providing moisture measurement sensors for use with animal and human foods to chemical applications, mineral, paper, renewable energies, textiles, tobacco and the wood industries. Through 40 years of expertise, MoistTech is leading the way in moisture measurements, with its sensors adaptable for most any industry requiring moisture or thickness measurements within their manufacturing process. The company’s expansive growth has led to global recognition, and last year it achieved a winning milestone with an astonishing 50,000 installations.

One of the most popular products includes MoistTech’s IR3000. The IR3000 sensor offers unparalleled performance, with a strong reliable service that delivers stability, maintainability and controllability, producing the perfect solution for moisture maintenance. Applicable to a cross sector of industries, it’s unique features make the IR3000 adaptable to a variety of material variations such as color, height of material and size, allowing the sensor to produce accurate readings regardless of material distinctions. Not only that, but it can also be used within the most extreme locations. With an easy application and maintenance free service, the IR3000 delivers reliable assistance for any moisture measurement requirements.

MoistTech’s incredible success and constant advancements have allowed the company to become one of the country’s leading manufacturers within the industry. With much on the horizon in terms of expansion and future development, MoistTech aims to increase its worldwide presence and consolidate the already established success. Last year, the company attended a number of tradeshows across Asia, North America, Europe and South America where its showcased the uses and benefits of the newest near-infrared technology.

MBP: What challenges do you see for manufacturers?

AF: Moisture is important in any manufacturing process and excess moisture can ruin products. And what is worse than a wasted effort? Economical losses and decreased productivity. With continuous online moisture measurement, manufacturing/processing plants will find huge money savings. From savings in transportation due to weight of excess moisture, to savings in water usage for dust suppression and clean-up, plants also reduce the amount of wear and tear on equipment due to the dust and ash build up and prevent blockages on the conveyor resulting in shutting down the boiler.

Moisture measurement is critical in all aspects of the materials process; thus, manufacturing companies are constantly adjusting moisture to maintain the quality of their product. Advances in real-time sensing, data collection, and data analysis and interpretation helps to determine the characteristics of the materials prior to processing, providing process efficiency and optimization. Regular measurements of moisture remain a necessity for control of drying, thereby reducing treatment costs. Additionally, small variations and excess moisture in mixes can result in clumping, affecting quality and consistencies in mineral and other similar materials; too dry of a product can result in excess dust. Measuring moisture in applications prior to crushing can control particle size and provide dust suppression. During the drying stage, in-process measurements ensure optimization and elimination of over drying, which can lead to product that is out of specification, degradation and an excess of dust.

Moisture measurement and control can:

* Reduce dryer usage and energy costs

* Proper control of the infeed and dryer exit

* High Quality Product Through Instant Accurate Moisture Control

* Consistency of your final product

* 100 percent product inspection

* Dust and fire elimination

* Reduce purchase costs from water weight

* Plant production efficiency monitoring

* Blended monitoring for control of moisture & resin

* Reduce downtime

Immediate ROI is seen with the installation of a moisture measurement system as the plant controllers can instantaneously notice the reduced waste, energy usage and overall increase in product quality.

When looking at moisture measurement systems, be sure to evaluate features that will be most beneficial to your operation. The best ones to look for are:

* One-time calibration: Pre-calibrating the sensor to be ready to read your specific application

* Multiple applications can be read: The moisture measurement system can remember up to 50 different applications and measurements so you can easily switch back and forth to allow the machine to acknowledge a new product is being read.

* Immediate results: The sensor produces hundreds of readings per second to allow the user to have immediate access to the product moisture content, allowing for increased or decreased dryer control.

* All equipment included: Everything needed to operate the sensor is included and the software can be installed on an unlimited number of devices, allowing for better access throughout the process.

* State-of-the-art technology: Continually researched and updated technology allows for the most accurate results in the moisture measurement industry.

* 30-day performance guarantee: See results or send it back—plain and simple.

* Installation: Ideal for installations on chain and screw conveyors.

MBP: What do you believe are MoistTech’s competitive advantages?

AF: MoistTech’s state-of-the-art sensors use a single-source detector with no need for temperature regulation as with competitors. Our one-time calibration, no-drift design allows our performance to be unmatched along with the lowest amount of energy usage. MoistTech’s sensors are the most advanced with almost 16X the energy than our closest competitors with a much larger detection point, which in turn increases our accuracy level over a larger variation of distance or height. The stand-alone unit has no need for external signaling/processing box and can be run with or without the MoistTech software that comes standard with all sensors, including unlimited licensing usages.

MBP: What are the company’s plans for the future?

AF: Continue to grow globally through marketing and trade shows

Adrian Fordham has been President of MoistTech Corp. (Sarasota, FL) since 2013, seeing the company’s growth to more than 50,000 installations worldwide. He can be reached at (941) 727-1800 or e-mail info@moisttech.com.


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