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EMAG USA is ‘All About Process Know-How’


As manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve their output and the quality of their production, EMAG USA prides itself on offering the best “Manufacturing Systems for Precision Metal Components.” With an ongoing commitment to innovation, the company offers a wide range of technologies to provide complex manufacturing solutions from one single source.

“We strive to provide innovative new manufacturing solutions, processes and designs, and we are more efficient and have a better way of operating than ever before,” EMAG USA President and CEO Peter Loetzner says. “It’s really all about process know-how – and how to incorporate the most innovative technologies to have competitive solutions that would otherwise not be available to our customers.”

EMAG USA is one of the market companies that are part of Germany’s Global EMAG Group. As an organization, the EMAG Group has a number of technology and production companies based in Germany and market companies that focus on the domestic customers based in a number of countries around the world. EMAG USA receives basic machinery from its technology and production sister companies and builds the final machines in the United States before they are qualified and dispatched to the end-customer.

Today, EMAG manufactures in multiple countries with the largest presence in the United States, Germany and China. The company is well known for its CNC vertical pick-up turning machines, but its products cover the complete array of machining processes in the metalworking industry.

EMAG only sells direct and its portfolio has expanded over the years to include nine technologies: turning, milling, grinding, gear hobbing, power skiving, heat shrink assembly, ECM/PECM, laser welding and induction hardening. Decades of experience in machining, gear cutting, laser welding, electro-chemical machining and induction hardening go into the development and production of state-of-the-art machine tools from EMAG. The result: cutting-edge manufacturing solutions for a multitude of applications in the aerospace, automotive, off-highway and energy sectors.

EMAG follows a strategy of continuous technical and commercial expansion. The company can provide machines that can work in almost any metal-cutting application. EMAG has devised solutions that range from standard machines to custom-made manufacturing systems.


This year, EMAG launched globally the VL 5 DUO dual-spindle turning center with fully integrated automation handling for components up to 250 millimeters in diameter. “It’s designed for 250 millimeter parts, so that’s the sweet spot that we previously only covered with customized dual machines and now it’s available as a standard machine,” Loetzner says. “It’s two machines in one that offers a significantly smaller footprint at about 350 square feet.”

The VL 5 DUO can be used a single-machine solution or as a twin-process turning center. The mirrored machining areas each have their own working spindle. With an output of up to 34.1 kW and a torque of up to 593 Nm at 40 percent duty cycle, these spindles have adequate power for fast and precise machining. Each machining area is equipped with a tool turret, including 12 tool posts that can be loaded with driven tools and a Y-axis in addition to the turning tools.

The machine base of the VL 5 DUO dual-spindle turning center is cast from MINERALIT® – a polymer concrete with optimal vibration-damping properties. All production units, such as spindle and tool turret, are fastened to this machine base with maximum stability. There are size 45 recirculating roller guide rails, as well as a direct distance measuring system in all linear axes. This guarantees the VL 5 DUO’s highest positioning, repeat and long-term accuracy. “The machine base made out of granite is outstanding,” Loetzner says. “The quality is much better than other machines out in the market.”

The VL 5 DUO turning center features an integrated automation concept and is equipped with a pick-up automation system. The TrackMotion automation system enhances this integrated automation system and loads the single-part pallets on the parts storage unit, which travel back and forth between the loading positions next to the machining area and the rear part of the machine.

EMAG’s VL 5 DUO can be used in a variety of industries, but is ideal for the automotive industry, Loetzner says. “We think it’s a good fit for some of the e-mobility transmissions because they have a different design and the gears are a little bigger,” he explains. “It is also good for some automotive Tier I and Tier II manufacturers, for job shops that cater to the pump industries, as well as aerospace gears. The VL 5 DUO machine has quite a sweet spot.”

Although the machine lends itself to higher volume production, Loetzner says it doesn’t have to be too much because its available at a lower price to compete with other manufacturers in the market. “It has been selling a little better than expected and we have seen a draw specifically in the e-mobility arena,” he adds. “Combined with the TrackMotion system, this can be daisy-chained for a low-cost solution to automate more than one machine.”

EMAG’s VL 5 DUO is a succession of the VL 3 DUO, a multi-spindle machine for high-productive manufacturing of chucked parts. Moving forward, EMAG will continue to focus on providing its customers with the latest turn-key manufacturing systems that guarantee the best possible quality and productivity.