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ATI Serves Industry with 2,500 Product Models


After 56 years, Air Technical Industries (ATI) still thrives by building products with its customers’ convenience in mind. One example is its Portable Jib Crane, which provides more convenience than similar products.

Unlike other cranes, ATI’s Portable Jib can be used anywhere at any time, saving clients the costs of paying for an installation. “When you have to do that, you have to get a contractor and pour a foundation,” Vice President Vida Novak says. “[We have] eliminated the requirement of having to install it.”

Mentor, Ohio-based ATI offers specialty lifting and handling equipment such as cranes, lift tables, fork trucks, stackers and manipulators. It started operations in 1964. Among the company’s achievements has been the opportunity to grow on projects such as the International Space Station.

ATI also has built a catalog of 2,500 product models, including its Portable Jib Crane, which can lift up to 2,000 pounds and has built a strong following since its launch in 2012. Clients have used it in an array of industries, including machine shops, plastic injections molding, and battery and chemicals manufacturing.

Customers also have used the Portable Jib Crane for the manufacture of retail fixtures, sand core and molds for the foundry industry, and many more. “In recent years, we’ve sold a lot more of those than the other Jib cranes,” Novak adds.

Fine Features

ATI offers the Portable Jib Crane in three models. In addition to a conventional one, the company has a second with a 6-foot-long articulating forearm, which rotates 360 degrees and provides 100 percent coverage within a work area.

“It allows you to articulate the boom,” Novak says, adding that ATI’s third model features a telescoping mast, which gives users the ability to move the crane through areas with overhead restrictions.

But once the crane exits those areas, “They can extend the mast up and get a greater working height on it,” he describes. “You can fold it up, store it and extend it to its maximum height potential.”

All models of the Portable Jib Crane feature a counterweight base with four-way pork pockets. With these, “It’s very simple to be able to pick it up and move it around,” Novak says.

The product also features two counter balance designs, with one counterweight built into the base for stability. The other is on the rotating beam. “It’s a more effective counterweight, because it’s always in the opposing direction of the load,” he says.

Coming Up

Today, customers can order the Portable Jib Crane on ATI’s e-commerce site, which the company launched in 2019. “[It gives] our customers control over configuring their orders online,” Novak says.

He sees a strong future ahead for ATI, which will be take steps forward to adjust to Industry 4.0. These will include provisions that will give clients the ability to monitor and receive feedback on the behavior of their equipment.

“We want to develop a smart lift system that’s going to give them the ability to record electrical currents and all the telemetrics of the lifts,” he says. “[These are] the next things coming up on the horizon.”


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