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Predictions for High-Tech Manufacturing in 2020


Digitalization has transformed the business landscape for 79 percent of corporate strategies, according to Zensar, a leading digital solutions and technology services company. Focused on helping global organizations with their digital transformation journey, the Zensar executive team came up with its high-tech manufacturing predictions for the coming year and beyond, noting:

*  AI will make operations more intuitive

*  Automation will continue to gain momentum across workplaces and factory floors

*  Cloud will be an enterprise staple

*  Augmented and virtual reality will introduce empathy-led operations and marketing

*  CX and UX will undergo a complete redesign

*  Every decision will be data-driven and analytics informed

*  Blockchain will come out of ‘pilot purgatory’

*  IoT will expand its cross-industry footprint

*  IT and OT will collide for combined benefits

*  Predictive insights will transform equipment lifecycle


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