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Midwest Manufacturers Benefit from Defense Diversification


A six-year collaboration among University of Michigan, Purdue University and Ohio State University and the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program resulted in 139 new products, 662 new jobs, $183 million in new sales and 93 new markets in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Defense manufacturers may have lost work from federal budget cuts, but the universities and the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program helped companies strengthen and diversify their operations to keep the defense supply chain strong for the long term.

“The companies we served had to have lost defense contracts that made up at least 10% of their revenue, and we helped them diversify their revenue streams to stabilize the company as a defense contractor,” said Paula Sorrell, director of the Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan. “It was estimated that 50% or more of the defense supply chain was at risk. This impact was also felt in the communities where military suppliers reside, leading to job losses, erosion of technical capabilities and community hardship.”