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Bringing Doc Ock to Life with 3-D Printing


Erik Finman first made news when he became the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaire (he invested when he was 12 years old and now holds 401 coins). But now Finman is attracting attention by showing some advancements that can be made with 3-D printing. He developed a Doctor Octopus exoskeleton suit, and most of its parts were 3-D printed. 

Features of the suit include:

  • The tentacles use a series of stacked coffee cups;
  • The final weight of the suit is 12.5 pounds;
  • Eight motors power the suit (two per tentacle); and
  • The suit is powered by a lithium motorcycle battery.

DocOck1 small

Finman led the project to give the suit to 10-year-old Aristou, who wanted superhuman strength. Aristou is the son of one of Finman’s mentors and former bosses, and wanted a suit like that to wear to ComiCon. Finman explains Aristou struggles with hypermobility issues and wanted to create something to “enhance humanity.” Finman led the suit’s design, development, creation and production, and believes advancements in this suit and similar projects will lead to innovations in the manufacturing, medical and construction fields. 


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