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JAGGAER delivers source-to-pay spend solutions to the manufacturing industry.   

In response to the market demand for specialized spend management solutions, JAGGAER (formerly SciQuest) is dedicated to evolving supply chain and procurement needs. This has led JAGGAER to produce the world’s most comprehensive source-to-pay (S2P) indirect and direct spend solutions suites in its industry.

The Morrisville, N.C.-based company rebranded and changed its name earlier this year from SciQuest to JAGGAER. “We serve such a broad range of industries from manufacturing to higher education and we needed a new name and image to better reflect our extensive customer base,” JAGGAER states.

Following the transition, JAGGAER added direct goods and services spend solutions to its suite offerings and bolstered its manufacturing footprint through its merger with POOL4TOOL, the global leader in electronic optimization jagfor direct procurement. The merger brought new and specialized direct solution capabilities to JAGGAER’s eProcurement offerings and positioned the company as the only eProcurement company with a global footprint that offers complete, end-to-end indirect and direct spend solutions.

Over the years, JAGGAER has been recognized locally and globally for its innovative technology, including recently winning the North Carolina Technology Association’s 2016 NC Tech Award in the E-Commerce category and being a finalist for the 2016 World Procurement Awards’ Procurement Service Provider Award.

“Manufacturing relies heavily on both predictability in the supply chain and procurement processes and yet, on continual change to address key challenges, such as controlling costs, managing supply bases and navigating global uncertainties,” JAGGAER states. “Our clients are our top priority and we strive to keep them competitive and current while the global market continues to rapidly evolve and present new challenges. We designed our advanced, scalable, customizable solutions to meet today’s procurement and supply chain demands for digitization and big data analysis and continue developing our technology solutions as new challenges arise.”

JAGGAER Solutions

Utilizing a tailored mix of solutions, JAGGAER’s unique Manufacturing Suite was developed specifically to optimize and streamline the manufacturing supply chain and procurement processes. The specialized suite includes Spend Radar, Total Supplier Manager, Advanced Sourcing Optimization and Total Contract Manager solutions.

“Our customers have reported an incredible impact on their bottom lines and increase in competitiveness, with an average of 12 percent reduction in overall costs, 15 percent reduction in suppliers, 17 percent improvement in procurement cycle times and 220 percent gain in efficient processes,” the company reports.

Controlling Spend

Manufacturers that take a manual approach to analyzing spend are not only making inefficient use of their time and resources, but may be overlooking opportunity areas  to make better sourcing and supplier decisions. JAGGAER’s Spend Radar solution drives spend visibility to provide full comprehensive access into all aspects of procurement spend.

Companies are able to see where their spend occurs while automating spend analytics using real-time data. They can then eliminate the manual process of evaluating data for patterns, gaps and inconsistencies. The data-driven insights of Spend Radar deliver valuable information into a company’s spend at every point in the procurement process to enable strategic decisions that save money and increase efficiency.

Managing Suppliers

Manufacturers often face costly and unnecessary stress in manually managing their supplier relationships, analyzing supplier performance and comparing the qualifications, resources and potential risks of current and potential suppliers.

Jaggaer4 copy

JAGGAER’s Total Supplier Manager (TSM) solution simplifies this process by providing a single access point for an automated supplier and vendor management process.

JAGGAER’s TSM solution transforms vendor and supplier management from gathering and comparing initial supplier information all the way down the chain to managing risk and supplier performance.

Its automated program enables effective evaluation and added value through a web-based, centralized repository; formalized supplier vetting and performance management process; automated communications and supplier self-service on-boarding; auto-alerts for expirations or renewals; second-tier diversity spend reporting and ERP integration.

Optimizing Sourcing

Today’s manufacturers’ sourcing solutions must take price, risk and critical non-price factors into account when formulating the best sourcing decisions. JAGGAER’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO) is the only global sourcing solution with built-in bidding enhancements, scenario builders and complex item consolidation that can meet today’s complex needs.

Using JAGGAER’s state-of-the-art ASO solution, companies can manage costs in volatile and competitive markets with the Expressive Bidding System. This unique system solicits and evaluates creative proposals on factors like technological advancements, upcoming regulatory changes and other critical information to engage carriers in a collaborative bidding process.

In addition, ASO’s patented Scenario Builder tool delivers quick comparisons of different decision scenarios and scoring algorithms, which helps manufacturers navigate seasonal demands and ensures suppliers inject limited risk and meet desired price and non-price factors.

Managing Contracts

Managing suppliers also necessitates managing contracts. JAGGAER’s Total Contract Manager (TCM) solution manages all phases of the contract lifecycle, from initiation to execution. Built around a centralized cloud repository, JAGGAER’s TCM solution enables everyone from sales managers to top legal executives to be involved in contract approval and management.

Contracts can be stored and accessed in a single central repository for improved compliance, along with easily accessible contract terms and conditions to eliminate the risk of errors and missed obligations. TCM also offers time-saving dynamic contract generation and a full library of standard templates for contracts, clauses and individual obligations and integrated Contract Performance, Compliance and Expiration dashboards for real-time contract updates and management.

Surpassing the Competition

What sets JAGGAER apart from other eProcurement and supply chain management services lies in its end-to-end eProcurement solution, unique direct solutions and advanced sourcing optimization offering. JAGGAER enables cost savings and 100 percent visibility into a company’s spend management with an exclusive end-to-end spend optimization solution.

Also, JAGGAER Direct is specifically designed for direct goods and services to lower costs, decrease waste and drive savings to the bottom line. For manufacturers, JAGGAER’s ASO solution provides unmatched global sourcing software capabilities for greater cost breakdowns, optimization and event scalability.

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